The Contemporary Protheses 

  Last Christmas I was gifted a very particular object. It was made of cardboard, with six sides printed REEBOK. Inside was my grandfather, Richard “Dick” Ardash Koljian. Not physically, his body nor his ashes were inside this box. However his presence still remained within this pinto. Richard had kept a journal during 1984, a year before he died, most of his entries spring from Autumn to the middle of Winter. At this point of his life, he was facing a lot of sorrow alongside of experiencing great loneliness.

My first encounter with the documents Richard left behind was astonishing. He had died 32 years before, but every word, and syllable felt like he was there, he was alive, and I was finally meeting him. I became infatuated by this sensation and idea. I decided to try to bring a dead man back to life through his narratives.

I started researching Richard, and soon became an expert on his existence. We’ve never met but I feel like I know him very much. Through this time, I’ve seen him more in my family including myself. He’s always looked like my brother, but now I know they have similar humor to how they carry themselves. Although his physical existence has ended, he is alive, and exists within my family.

The Contemporary Prometheus is my attempt at giving Richard the support of a family that he desperately need. By sharing his journals surrounded by images of the growth of his life and how it still exists past his existence, Richard has another chance to be heard again, he has a chance to be loved once more.

This work was made in Spring 2017 as apart of the artists Junior Seminar.